Shelter in Place

Huntington Beach Rules for Shelter In Place

April 12, 2020 The City of Huntington Beach Rules for Shelter in Place have Changed.

On Friday, April 10, 2020 the City of Huntington Beach to one more step towards closing the beaches. It is surprising they haven’t simply said all parking is closed to non-HB residents.

While most cities have closed their beaches, so far Huntington Beach has allowed people who can walk or ride bikes from their residence to use the beach. This makes sense as the numbers will be small and the ability to maintain a safe distance of six or more feet can be maintained.

Neighboring Counties

San Diego, Los Angeles and other counties have completely closed the beach. Surfers have been hit with heavy fines for violating the closed beach order. If you can walk to the beach, and you are supposed to walk outside, why can’t you walk to the beach? We agree Huntington Beach has it right.

Huntington Beach Rules For Shelter in Place are easy to follow at the airport
Social Distancing made easy

This week a letter was sent out to many residents updating the Huntington Beach Rules for Shelter in Place. The letter included a note from The Orange County Health Officer who STRONGLY RECOMMENDS “…all Orange County residents should wear a face covering when outside the home engaged in allowed activities.

What’s Really Happening

A quick tour of the town showed some very different “rules” and practices. Many people out walking, riding bikes and running didn’t even have a mask or bandana.

Huntington Beach Rules For Shelter in Place include a recommendation for masks in public space
Bandana for a jog

The City has set up a Covid-19 only website so if you look on the City of Huntington Beach website and don’t find what you are looking for, try the new site.

To make it more confusing, Trader Joes will not allow people in the store with a re-usable bag, and Ralph’s is allowing re-usable bags. As of yesterday, Ralph’s was still charging for bags if you don’t bring your own. If you can update us on what Albertsons and Vons are doing that would be great. Total Wine had everyone distancing from the staff which feels odd but is likely the better solution that plastic seperators.

Interviewing people in the stores or just outside brought mixed results. Many felt that masks should be required where you have access to food. Others felt if you touch it you can transmit anyway so just wash the food and packaging when you get home.

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