Quarantine Cabin Fever Cures

Quarantine Cabin Fever setting in? Here is some help.

The two week plus “Shelter in place” order is not the new normal we were looking for was it? Sadly it is the reality for the near future.

Quarantine Cabin Fever and the Airports are empty.
Quarantine Life

While the Twittersphere is full of photos showing crowded parks, busy beaches and crazy lines at Trader Joes. We are still not spending nearly the time that we had been with other people. CoolToys host Scott got a quarantine letter so even though he is normally exempt and could work, he too is going stir crazy. You can see his Quarantined Live Streams that he calls a Quarantstream at CoolToys.TV.

The Gym Is Closed

For many of us the Gym is not only a social place. The gym can be a place for us to spend time letting our brains sort the day while we let the little brain focus on muscle stress. This little thing alone can be a game changer in our day to day lives. When you have quarantine cabin fever and the gym is closed where do you send that stress?

Monica Carroll Founder Hard Yoga
Quarantine Yoga at Home

Fortunately there are websites like hasfit.com that have free classes. Try the Ab burner, I bet you can’t do that three days in a row. Looking for Yoga? There are dozens of websites to help you do Yoga at home.

Work From Home:

If you find yourself suddenly working from home with a work partner you don’t normally work with, you are not alone. While I work at home as a journalist, my other half does not. Well normally that is.

The best advice we have seen is from a tweet that said something like “Make up an imaginary third person and blame everything on her. Carol is leaving water glasses everywhere and it is driving us nuts”

For us we have a dog, so we set a timer. Every two hours, at least one of us leaves the room and walks the dog. Sometimes we both go and laugh at Carol.

Keeping Social Distance

Oddly this is harder than you think isn’t it. Your neighbors are also working from home and now they want to stop in. While this may be nice to get to know them better, it sort of defeats the purpose of social distancing.

Our local school yard is filled with kids playing soccer. It is raining here at the beach and they are still out there laughing, kicking, screaming and clearly not social distancing.

Their parents are all standing a foot apart on the sidelines cheering as if that was far enough from the kids.

The New Normal

Besides the obvious Quarantine Cabin Fever, there are some benefits of course. The BBC reported that Air Pollution and CO2 emissions are dropping as the virus spreads. Sitting in traffic for two hours might start making a lot less sense if you can figure out how to do your job from home effectively.

The problem with working from home is that you don’t “work” there. People used to live above their stores in small villages. Even the action of going downstairs is enough to separate work space from home space. Dedicate a work area, let the family know if you are in there they need to call as if you are at the office. Because you are.

Take breaks so you don’t get too much cabin fever. This might just be the new normal.


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