GoPro Fetch – Make Your Dog The Camera Pro?

We try out the new GoPro Fetch.  Easy enough to get on the dog, bScreen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.14.22 AMut not so easy to get the dog to use.  Our long haired Aussie had a little trouble with it at first when the GoPro Fetch was too loose. It just slid sideways.

When we tightened up the GoPro Fetch like a saddle on a horse, the camera was stable and so was the dog.  The GoPro Fetch acted like a comfort vest and brought her 100 yard dash down to a 10 yard jog.  She is getting used to it, but it is taking some time.  You can see when I put it on her, she isn’t exactly jumping up and down for it.

Short haired dogs should be a riot with this thing.  I would like to see a GoPro Fetch on a Great Dane and a little dog and let them run around.  I just don’t know how the little dog will do, the GoPro Fetch is pretty big.


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