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Surfing the Pacfic Rim is a Surf Art Show at the Huntington Beach Art Center Now-August 21, 2021

Curated by famed surf artists Phil Roberts and Rick Rietveld, Surfing the Pacific Rim brings together the work of over 70 surf artists. Many of them local to the beach communities, each of these artists brings a different view of beach life along the Pacific Rim.

Up and Coming Surf Art Show Artist David Krovblit
David Krovblit Astro-Surf

Art Center Director Kate Hoffman tells us that the event celebrates surfing and our connection to the oceans. “The experience of unleashed imagination has inspired surfers to channel that energy into a wide variety of expression.” she says about the current surf art show.

It isn’t just about Surfboards

Surfing isn’t all about surfboards. While most of these artists are in fact surfers, a few aren’t. What brings them together is the power, energy and attraction of the oceans and our connections with it. Phil Roberts is a legendary artist who started out surfing. One of his first paid gigs was designing T-shirts for surf shops. He knew back then there was more to surfing than just surfboards.

Co-Curator Rick Rietveld also started out surfing and ended up in the art side of the business. One of his early creations was the image for a surf brand. He created logos, color palettes and designs that decades later are still instantly recognized as “surf” even when there isn’t a surfboard in sight.

These two surfing artists and entrepreneurs bring together a wide variety of art and imagery for this very special surf art show that would not exist without the inspiration of the surf. Rick and Phil have been lifelong friends and the artist they bring into the show all share that same passion for surfing and the power of the oceans. The show is only at the Huntington Beach Art Center until August 21st, 2021. If you see something you like, you might be able to buy it! Don’t miss it.

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  • Duke
  • Damian Hickman at the Surf Art Show


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