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Contemporary Artist Lori Poncsak Changes Modes With a Challenge

Contemporary Artist Lori Poncsak was challenged by her daughter in law to do something very different.

Artist Lori Poncsak took on a family challenge and came up with some very colorful art.

Lori Poncsak and her contemporary paintings.

People who know of Lori Poncsack will think of some very elegant contemporary art. She has been creating paintings that are in a very unique style.  When you see her art in a collection, you don’t question if there is more than one artist showing.  Lori’s style, while clearly contemporary, has a very distinct flair.  Like many artists her family members proudly display her work.

With over 100 pieces of work in her studio when I walked through, I noticed a common thread of subdued and subtle undertones of texture and motion.  Something many contemporary artists are not able to accomplish.  This unique character only comes from years of work in a very specific area.  But even people at the peak of their game need a little challenge to move them to a higher level.

New Directions

The latest work in Lori’s collection is a little different, it might just be that challenge Lori needed to move to another level as an artist.  It all started when Lori’s daughter in law asked her to go completely away from her regular style.  Her daughter in law wanted something from a very different color palette for a specific room in her house.

Countryside Dream by Lori Poncsak

“Not only is it a large piece, it uses brighter and more contrasting colors than I have ever worked with.  I always say that a piece of art on the wall finishes the room, and in this case the room defined the art I needed to create.” said Poncsak.  The result is a serendipitous display of color that instantly attracts the eye.  Both the art and the room are taken to a new level by this piece of artwork.

Yes it is big.

The rather large piece has the bright colors of folk art you might expect to see in the south or a place like the House of Blues.  One notable difference is that it doesn’t feature people and animals like many of those works do. It goes along the lines of native or indigenous work with a lot more color.

Looking for something that was very different, Lori’s daughter in law challenged her to create something with the bright colors already in the room, and at a grand scale at the same time.  While some of Lori’s work might cover 20 or more feet of wall space, they are usually multiple panels in a collage of sorts.  This very unique work is all on one canvas.

“The great thing about art is that it pushes artists like me to challenge ourselves with new ideas of what the world can look like” added Poncsak.

The result of the family challenge is an eye catching exposition of color nothing like Lori has ever painted before.

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