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Local Music Favorite Loa Greyson’s New Music Video – Eleni

A Beach Street Favorite Artist, Loa Greyson has released a new video.

For those of you that are familiar with the patio at Trader Sam’s, you probably know Loa Greyson, his dad or his uncle. If not, you have probably heard his music. The entire staff here enjoys his music. A few years back, we even attended a Loa Greyson Concert at the OC fair.

There are a few names that are synonymous with Hawaiian style music. The Great Iz and Don Ho come to mind when most people think of Hawaiian or Polynesian music. Loa Greyson deserves to be on that list.

Living the quarantine life, we all need a little uplifting spirit. While we also like the Deadpool Celine Dion video, that is old, and this is new. Loa Greyson’s new music video might be just the new you need for today.

Loa Greysons new music video was released, free to the public. Since he posted it for free, we are happy to be able to share it here with you. If you like it, be sure to visit Loa’s website and buy an album or two and support a world class local musician.

Loa Greyson is of Samoan decent and lives in Anaheim California. As a singer songwriter in Southern California, Loa is influenced by Rock, Pop and Hip Hop as well as his native Polynesian music. Some have called his music Island Soul. I couldn’t have said it better. While I miss my Mai Tai on the patio at Trader Sam’s listening to Loa or his family members play, at least I can still see the videos.

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