Bosch Ecosense Dishwasher Beeper Making You Nuts? Disable It!

Reducing electrical usage is fairly easy, although expensive. You just need to use energy star appliances like a Bosch Ecosense Dishwasher, and swap out those incandescent bulbs for SFL or LED.  We did all that within a month after moving into our current home.  We were living pretty easy with $40 electric bills in a three bedroom house.

Ever since we added the Chevy Volt to the fleet, our awareness of electrical usage has moved up on our radar screen, because we changed our billing plan.  From Noon to six pm, charging the volt is more expensive than driving on gas, but charging from midnight to six am, is just a couple of pennies per mile of electricity used.  Very quickly,  we also figured out how to reset the hot tub so it doesn’t run during the high peak times, and how to change some other cooking habits, since our kitchen is all electric.    Our bill is still well south of $150 per month, but we liked $40 a lot better.

These days we grill lunch a lot more since peak power costs on the home and electric car plan are from Noon to 6 PM seven days a week.  Even though it is dark at 4:30 with daylight savings, we still don’t even start dinner until after six.

We also learned how to use the delay start feature on our Bosch ecosense dishwasher (Model SHX45P05UC/64) to run the dishwasher after midnight.  The problem we ran into was the beeper.  Some random time after midnight the dishwasher would start and eventually stop.  When it did the problems would start.

The end of cycle beeper was loud enough that it woke me up.  After a couple of nights of going downstairs to manually turn it off was to close the bedroom door.  While that worked for me, it didn’t work for my dogs.  The high pitch of the end of cycle beeper made them very irritated so they would start running around the house and in and out of the dog door.  We have a pretty heavy dog door so all I heard was cla-clunk, cla-clunk over and over.

I spend several hours online and found plenty of sites telling me to push the cancel/drain button to silence the beeper.  That is great but my model doesn’t have a silence drain button and from the number of people who are asking about the problem, I am guessing a lot of you don’t.

I went to the Bosch Website, downloaded the manual and found no mention of the beeper at all.

Trial and Error made it happen.  For the Bosch Ecosense Dishwasher I have, the secret was the “Regular Wash” Button.

Bosch EcoSense Panel
End The Bosch Beep

Push and Hold the ON/START button.

Push the “Regular Wash” button and a number should appear on the LED.

Let go of both buttons, and push the “Regular Wash” button to cycle through until you hit “0” and no beep is heard.

If your model uses this sequence as you push the “Regular Wash” button and a “1”, “2” or “3” appear you should hear the beep with 1 being quiet enough not to bother you during TV time and 3 loud enough to wake the neighbors dogs.

Push the ON/START button to turn off the dishwasher and close the door.

Use Normally.

Mine was set to “3” and is now on “0”.

Editors Note: Some other models may not work exactly this way and there have been some comments from people that figured out those models. Thank you all for contributing to the quiet that we ALL expect from our Bosch dishwashers.


  1. This did not work for me. I do not have a “regular wash” button. I have a “normal wash” button, but it did not work

  2. Thank you This worked. It took several tries to get the timing of pushing the on/start button and the regular wash button to activate the volume numbers

  3. Thanks so much for this post. I did the opposite sequence with same 2 buttons (pressed and held regular wash button, pressed on/off, let go of both, then pressed regular button to adjust volume. So nice to be rid of the beep.

  4. I’ve searched for an answer to this problem for years. As DLS states, the sequence needed to be reversed (regular wash and On/Off) but IT WORKED! Thanks for posting these instructions.

  5. Mine was
    While OFF, hold down Regular Wash and press On/Off to turn on. Release both and cycle through volumes by pressing Regular Wash.

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