Pirch SoCo Closed


Pirch is Closed? As of this morning March 21st 2024 it appears to be the case.

Sometimes I write stories, sometimes I am in the story. While some of you may be joining me in my lesson, hopefully more of you can learn from my mistakes. Especially in an economy that is crumbling all around us.

The Email

After months of trying to get delivery of a new faucet and new stove top for my kitchen, I finally heard back from Pirch today. It was a simple email saying that all stores and distributions centers were closed. When I emailed my sales person, I received notice that the email account was no longer at Pirch. I emailed our project manager. Same result.

The Reality

For the past two years, I have said that we are moving into a 1980’s style economy and the next president is going to inherit a mess worst than the one Jimmy Carter handed President Reagan. Anyone remember 18% home loans and 18% inflation? While the government has been saying inflation is low and under control, all you need to do is look around and you can see the truth. Is Pirch a sign of what is to come?

Pirch is a large SoCal kitchen, bath and outdoor appliance company. We looked there and at Friedmans. Friedmans has never let us down and has a long history in California. We chose Pirch because the prices were the same and our salesman was a bit nicer than the three different people we needed to talk to at Friedmans. Big mistake.

The Bigger Mistake

There were no signs of trouble when we walked into Pirch last October to make our purchase. Carlos told us it would take about a month to get everything in stock. Instead of paying a small deposit, I figured I would just pay for it all up front and be done with it. The lesson there? I could have lost a lot less money.

Now I will have to speak to an attorney and hope to get anything from my order or any of my money back. That won’t be cheap either. About mid February my biz danger spidey senses started to alert. If I were smart I would have filed a complaint with my credit card company then. Now I am past 120 days and my Barclay Card rep said my phone dispute has ben denied and I can send them a letter.

The Reality is that my money has been out of my account for over four months, and Pirch has locked it’s doors.

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