Josh Snodgrass M.D. On CoolToys TV

NAMM 2024 Jan 25-28th.

CoolToys TV Host to be at NAMM 2024

NAMM is an exciting show for the behind the scenes and hardware people in the music business. This is where the latest in guitars, drums, instruments and effects are shown off every year. Ad-Hoc mini concerts are all around as A-list musicians pick up a guitar and start playing.

Fan2Stage and NAMM

Fan2Stage officially joined NAMM as a software service to anyone that plays live. They say the mission of Fan2Stage is to make sure there is “A live audience for every stage”. No they aren’t a promotions company, they offer a system for fans to part of the “roar of the crowd” from anywhere. The official release date of the newest version is the week of NAMM.

“What better place to show what we can do to expand the world of live entertainment than NAMM” said CoolToys TV Host Scott Bourquin. Several episodes of the CoolToys TV program were live with the test version of Fan2Stage. Since then it has come a long way according to the creators of the apps. Live Streaming has also improved significantly with the introduction of Chunked CMAF.

It’s About Keeping “Live” Real

During the pandemic everyone was forced to move to live streaming or shut down. Some tried to use business conference calling systems, classroom systems and even a fake applause track. None of it worked. Either the system distracted from the show or the performers knew the roar of the crowd was just and engineer in the booth pushing a button. It just wasn’t the same.

The creators at Fan2Stage thought to themselves, “What if the fans were the ones in the booth? What if every fan had a little piece of the engineers booth in their phone and the fans decided when to cheer and how loud?” It didn’t take long to realize they were on to something and a few months later the first version of Fan2Stage became a reality. It was slow, klunky and as one major studio executive remarked, “A game changer we didn’t expect”.

After two years of testing and investment Fan2Stage 2.0 is rolling out at NAMM 2024. The Live Fan app is already live in the Android Play store and the iOS version in the Apple App Store is expected to be available soon. Fan2Stage has set up test shows so fans can down load the app, join the shows and cheer away at the screen for fun. The truth is it is more fun when the show is live, because then it is all real.

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