Lori Poncsak Art Show

Lori Poncsak Presents a One Woman Art Show In Sierra Madre

Art fans and movie fans alike will want to visit this one woman art show in Sierra Madre. Of course the art fans will want to see Lori Poncsak’s latest contemporary creations. For nearly 20 years, Lori’s art has been adding color and light to rooms all around the country. At the Baldwin Avenue Gallery, ok the BAG, you can see a large collection of Lori’s work in one exceptional space.

Sierra Madre History.

Located just outside Los Angeles at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, Sierra Madre translated means the “mother range”. Sitting in town looking up the mountains you can see why it was named this way. Once inhabited by the Tongva indians, the area is steeped with history, art and a connection to the mountains. The name of the tribe is thought to mean “people of the earth”. Doesn’t that sound like a great place for an art show. Some thought is was so cool they used it as a movie set.

Film is one of SoCals great contributions to art. So the really big SoCal art (and movie) fans will want to arrive a bit early to explore the town. Sierra Madre is the location for the original “Invasion of the body snatchers” horror movie. Like many places in Los Angeles, Sierra Madre is steeped in native, colonial and movie history. Throw in a one woman art show and you end up with a day that is a uniquely a SoCal experience. And a great off beach activity at that.

About Lori Poncsak

Lori Poncsak has been painting for more that 20 years. During that time she built a body of work based on her exploration of form and color. Once in a while she ventures out and tries new things. This makes Lori’s shows all the more fun.

“Painting to me is freedom.  Freedom to express emotion through color, light and line.  I am self taught. I paint with no expectations, borrowing from the previous layers until I feel satisfied with the results.” Lori

The Show at The BAG

The BAG is the nickname for the Baldwin Avenue Gallery in Sierra Madre. Partners Mary Hoffman-Surr and Michael Todd Surr wanted to build a place that would be sure to become an artistic and cultural influence, “We opened our doors during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though opening a gallery during a pandemic lockdown seemed counter-intuitive it made perfect sense to us.” 

With the understanding, a society that maintains its love and appreciation for the beauty of fine arts maintains its humanity.  The BAG stands as an example of how art can persevere in a crazy world. Change happens and art will be there no matter how crazy the world feels like it is becoming. “Finding a gallery like this felt like a perfect match to me. After all, my art is how I interpret the crazy of the world, put it on canvas and move on.” Lori told me. Personally I think that Art and galleries like BAG are a big part of what puts the civil in civilization.

The BAG is a culmination of life experiences, creativity and a passion for artistic expressions. The gallery hosts artists from around the globe. The owners seek artists with an unwavering commitment to enhancing artistic awareness and growth. They believe that BAG has a mission to provide opportunities for artists to connect and collaborate. They wanted to create place that explores the talents of artists who believe they can be a part of a paradigm shift that creates a more loving world. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

Why Show At BAG?

“Finding a gallery like this felt like a perfect match for me.  After all, my art is how I interpret the crazy of the world, put it on canvas and move on.” – Lori Poncsak.

The one woman art show featuring Lori Poncsak runs March 25th though the end of April 2023. For more information visit the BAG Website.

Kelly Bourquin is a freelance photographer in Huntington Beach California. She is the former Chairperson of the Huntington Beach Art Center Artist Council Steering Committee.

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