The Kids Are Playing Ball and Grandma Wants to Cheer

With the Covid Lockdown, A lot of families have missed a lot of games.

The Covid Lockdowns have changed the way we do a lot of things, playing ball for instance. When I was a kid there was at least one parent or grandparent at every game. At bowling tournaments, my grand dad didn’t say much but when he did, everyone knew he was there. At baseball games, my mom and dad where the same way. My Grandmother was the big fan for soccer games.

Playing without Cheers and Jeers.

You almost feel sad for kids today. They are out on the field pouring their hearts out and there is no one to boo the bad call or cheer the amazing hit, kick or throw that saves the game. Recently I was sitting in a coffee shop watching a man work. Occasionally, while he was typing away, there was a somewhat muted “go go go” coming out of his mouth. He was watching his son’s little league game two states away.

Looking over his shoulder I could see there was a webcam and he was watching the game live. For him he was getting to see his son play. Technology is great isn’t it? Unfortunately it is sort of a one way street. The boy couldn’t hear his dad cheering him on. In fact at best he heard his coach and team mates.

Technology finds a way.

The cool thing about that experience is that it can now be a two way technology bonus. The parent could have been using the Fan2Stage App, and cheered his kid on. It isn’t exactly dad cheering, but the inputs are real and the players know it. The interaction gets the fans more involved too. Maybe next season when the kids are playing ball, they will have the virtual audience system in place.

Fan2Field Virtual Audience System for when your kids are playing ball.

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