Live Stream Setup

When you need to Live Stream an Event, we have ideas

When you need to live stream an event the choices can get overwhelming, so we’ll make it easy.

Live streaming has been around for a long while. Shows like CoolToys TV have been live streaming long before the Covid-19 Pandemic made it a catch phrase. Now Live-streaming is a normal way of life and for big events they can make the event accessible for more people.

Weddings and graduations are among two of the bigger challenges that families face. Travel isn’t always possible or practical, and with live-streaming it may not be necessary.

Gear for Any Event

These days there are pages of options on Amazon for gear to help you live stream an event. One of our favorite DIY live streaming systems is the Mevo. With a Mevo setup and a 5g smart phone you can live stream from just about anywhere. Our experience is that Verizon is the most reliable and T-mobile isn’t if that is the way you want to go.

Next up, many DSLR cameras like the Canon SL2 have the ability to video with very high quality. The key is that you need to somehow capture the HDMI output from the camera to a computer or smart phone and then send it to the livestream service. The big benefit here is the ability to have additional microphones.

If you want to go big like our parent company at the Bourquin Group, you get a Black Magic ATEM, a couple of high quality video cameras and a pro laptop. They use a MacBook Air M1 and Canon XF series cameras for most on site live video events.

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