CoolToys TV On Roku

COOLTOYS TV Channel On Roku

COOLTOYS is making it easier for fans to watch the show with the addition of the COOLTOYS Channel on Roku devices

Huntington Beach, CA – May 13, 2020 –  COOLTOYS and COOLTOYS TV have been reaching out to find bigger better badder and faster toys that all men want and wives don’t  approve of.  Until now the only way to watch the episodes was on the website

In 2007 COOLTOYS started out as a blog when host Scott Bourquin was running his home and small business technology company.  Over time the blog expanded from toys to technology, since sometimes technology is cool.  After selling the company, other small businesses contacted Scott for marketing and business advice.  “Since being broke sucks” as co-host Josh says, sometimes there is a little money and business advice too.  You can’t buy the COOLTOYS if you don’t make enough money so it all made sense.

In 2012, the COOLTOYS videos started, long before there was even a thought of a COOLTOYS channel on Roku or any other service.  Scott figured out it was easier to buy the toys, and show the viewers how they worked than it was to take pictures and describe them.  After making over 20 videos, Josh appeared and said “Dude who died and made you thing king of what’s cool”.  For the third season Josh became a Co-Host and a different perspective on what is “cool”.

CoolToys on Roku Early Morning Hunt
The Early Bum Gets The COOLTOYS

When the Covid-19 or Corona Virus lockdowns happened, the show was set aside and like many things in our world, Scott thought it might just die without new content.  After being quarantined for 14 days after a possible exposure to the virus, Scott got bored as he always does.  Since he could still get things delivered, he ordered the gear to live stream from his home.  He called them “Quarantstreams”.

The Quarantstream lead to the idea of live streaming COOLTOYS from Scott’s garage.  Scott and Josh are neighbors and Scott will help with Josh’s kids.  This means they are in the same risk group for Covid and can work together.  Instead of COOLTOYS season three starting up, it became Version 2.0.  A complete upgrade with a second host and live streaming every Thursday at 7 pm Pacific time for the duration of the lockdown in California.  

“The COOLTOYS channel on Roku means we can now put a copy of the live show on that can be watched on a real TV along with past episodes” said COOLTOYS director Kelly.

COOLTOYS: All the $hit you want and your wife won’t approve – now on Roku.

More About Host Scott Bourquin:

In addition to building businesses, Scott served in the Air Force Reserves and is a decorated combat pilot.  During his military service, Scott served in several capacities beginning as a Security Police Team Member and Championship Competitive Marksman, retiring from the Air Force Reserves as a decorated Air Force Reserve KC-10 Instructor Pilot and Chief of Information Systems.  Scott flew several tours in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom and was selected to represent the Air Force Reserves at the 100th Anniversary of Flight Celebration at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.  

Scott holds a degree in Business–Information Resource Management from San José State University. He also has gained hands-on insight into industry best practices in leadership and innovation from his former employers, to include the likes of Apple, Airtouch (Now Verizon) and Stanford University.

A Technology and Internet Marketing Authority & Keynote Speaker, Scott has delivered presentations and live training to audiences of major national technology conferences and consumer electronics shows across the country.  Scott’s work as an actor helps him to create more effective and engaging events as a speaker and create better online video content for his clients.  Scott still flies jets and races cars too.

More about Host Josh Snodgrass MD:

Josh Snodgrass has been seen at the X-Games in China and is a semi regular at the Pro-Tech Pool Parties. 

Growing up like many kids in Southern California, Josh was a typical kid with a skateboard and a surfboard, like Scott he was never content. 

Willing to do and try just about anything to get ahead, he took a shot at professional skateboarding, worked on SCORE Off Road Race Teams, NHRA Drag teams, and eventually landed a training slot at Ford Motor company allowing him to finish his Bachelors Degree at UCSC while continuing to surf of course. 

Josh has held many jobs like water quality analyst and Ford mechanic. He just didn’t hold on to any long as he kept moving forward. After he finished Medical School at Ross, he did the standard residency rotations to round out his education in New York and Phoenix. With little sleep, he earned a Masters Degree in Cyber Security. 

Once his residency was complete, Josh realized that Phoenix and New York lack decent surf. He turned his gaze west and landed back in SoCal. It was Long Beach California where he landed as a physician in a new and untested area of Sports Medicine. In that position he helped to create a Sports Medicine Training program at Long Beach and became one of the youngest Directors in a Medical program at just 37 years old. 

Never content, Josh has grown the sports medical program to one of the best in the country and he is still an active surfer. But living in SoCal, surfing isn’t the only thing. Josh still snowboards and is and avid gear head with a 1940’s Ford Rat Rod pickup and a Triumph Speedster among other toys in his man cave making him a strong part of the CoolToys family. 

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