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Virtual Audience for a Live Show? F2S.Live!

What is a virtual audience?

In the pandemic world things have changed and a virtual audience just might be the new reality. Can it be the same?

Since the Greeks and Romans built coliseums, live entertainment has been a cornerstone holding civilization together. Early philosophers noted that athletes tried harder when the fans were screaming. We can see today that without an audience, sports and music just aren’t the same. Even comedians like Cris Rock thrive on fan feedback. He is said to spend hours in small clubs polishing one joke.

So in the pandemic world how do get that feedback to artists locked down at home? Baseball tried using the old TV studio trick of adding an applause track so every time someone hit a home run the engineer pushed a button. It isn’t the same. Not all home runs get the same applause. Not all jokes from Cris Rock get the same laughter. Watching Garth and Trisha in their home studio is intimate, but not the same.

Fan2Stage claims to have a solution. They have patent pending technology to allow fans to clap, laugh, boo, whistle, cheer and jeer from anywhere they can watch. Even when you are at home streaming a live show from Late Night Union Singer Christian Erik, you can applaud and he can hear it according to Fan2Stage engineer Scott Lee.

Mr. Lee tells us the more fans that log in and the more they applaud, and cheer the louder and better the show. The artists can hear the feedback in home studios with the F2S.live program and it can be patched into their livestream. He also says that F2S is a version of the patent pending Fan2Stage system that allows anyone to host a live show.

The F2S.Live solution is released in beta for testing right now. The first 100 artists that sign on get free access with up to 1000 fans giving feedback every show. The only requirement is a google account for the test artists. While other validation platforms are being added, the test group will all be using google for security purposes.

Hear your fans with F2S.Live.


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