Work From Home Conundrum – Happy Hour

If you work from home, you might have a “Happy Hour” problem.

It turn out a lot of us have a work from home conundrum with Happy Hour. Years ago it seems when my wife I both left the house to go to work every day, we would celebrate the end of the week, and sometimes a few more days by rushing home and hoping to save a dollar on a glass of happy hour wine. The cutoff at our favorite place is 6 pm. We barely made it most days.

Then the lockdown happened and we both started working from home. At the beginning, we started work earlier because we didn’t have to commute. The problem for a short while was that happy hour didn’t begin until 4 pm at our favorite places within walking distance. Our dog would start begging to leave at 3 pm. The team helping me build Fan2Stage is all over the world, so I sometimes am up quite late.

Times Change

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I could get up early with my wife, go surfing and simply work later. That threw happy hour into a tizzy. She was ready at 4, and some days I wouldn’t be ready until 8 or 9 so I would just skip it. My wife would start creating great snacks like baguette toast points with Brie and apple or bacon crumbles. Truffle butter toast leaves a great aroma all through the house. It was making me nuts.

Eventually we reached an accord of sorts. It was all thanks to my neighbors famous grapefruit tree. He has these red grapefruits at his home in Palm Springs that are amazing. The bucket sits in front of his house here at the beach and the grapefruits are free for the taking.

Surprising Solutions

While looking at the grapefruits, I was thinking about my favorite grapefruit martini recipe. I didn’t want any alcohol so I researched non-alcoholic grapefruit drinks. After testing a few, I found a winner. A Spicy Grapefruit Ginger Fizz Mocktail. That’s where it started. I then learned how to use my uKeg Growler to make soda water that lasts. Even though we have the higher end glass soda stream from Williams-Sonoma, the bubbles only last a couple of days. The uKeg solved that issue.

With my drink in hand that has a real kick to it even without the alcohol, Happy Hour was back and my wife was happy. If you find a great Mocktail, send us the link, please no virgin versions of anything, it needs to be a real drink. Sans alcohol that is…. Cheers.


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