Shelter at Home Ideas – RC Cars and Video Games

RC Cars are selling out online and so are steering wheels for video games.

What gives asked the hosts of COOLTOYS® TV, so they decided to find out.

RC Cars and video games are both a great way to stay connected with family, keep busy and stay sheltered in place. With options as small as 1/28 a nice race track can be set up in most kitchens with a shoe box and a couple of plastic cups.

COOLTOYS host Josh says “RC Cars give me a chance to work with my kids and teach them basic mechanical skills and responsibility. If one of them breaks a car, they can’t play and they get that quick.”

RC Cars Lined Up

Host Scott went the other way and went big with a 1/12 buggy that can reach speeds of 35 mph in the street. Clearly too big and fast to run in the house, however he did find a Jeep crawler kit that is 1/10 scale and has run part of the Rubicon trail. Now that is one tough RC Car.

On the video game side, race tracks aren’t open to play on, so Scott is stuck inside with a PS/4. After his thumb gave out on the little controller, he went for a force feedback steering wheel like Josh has. Josh’s brother has the full deal with a racing seat. So the question is, who caves first for the seat? Scott or Josh?

As always there is a lot going on at the COOLTOYS shelter at home studio so be sure to catch the show at CoolToys.TV or search ‘cooltoys’ on your Roku and add the COOLTOYS® channel to your Roku device.

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