It’s All About Cars at CoolToys TV

The CoolToys show took a look at all kinds of Cars this week

If you like cars, here are a couple of guys with a local show that always has a little something for you gear heads and petrol heads. This week it was (almost) exclusively about cars.

Non-Governor Gavin Nuisance showed up and stole a bike to spy on beach goers in HB. As restrictions are lifted the beaches got crowded. After that the show picks up speed and the boys focus on the subject of the day. Little ones, big ones, fast ones and slow ones. It was all about having fun with them no matter the capability.

Or maybe it wasn’t. One pair were so slow, they modified them to go fast. Then modified them again to go even faster.

They are sidetracked by a Tommy Bahama style choice that works from some but clearly not for everyone.

Guys like these two hosts are always looking for CoolToys you want and your wife won’t approve. Not the PC show for sure but a lot of fun. If you like Cool Toys, you should check out the full episode on Roku or CoolToys TV.

Racing Cars include a Guatemalan Sentra?
Cars can show up from anywhere!

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