Beaches are Open with rules wax mat goes on

Beaches are Open – With Rules

Orange County California Beaches are open with confusing rules.

If you are thinking of heading to the beach this week be aware every beach has a different set of rules. “The biggest one is no parking. People are annoying locals, parking every where they can in walking and biking distance. They have no idea what stay home means” according to one Newport Beach resident.

Orange County California is world famous for it’s beaches and surf. The beach breeze and morning fog is a welcome relief to those who live inland just on the other side of the hills. “It’s our beach too” – said one of the surfers I talked with that was unloading a bike and a surfboard from his van. Without a mask.

Beach open - crowds arrive
Beach Bike Board

The Governors order to stay home and not travel is pretty clear. So why is every open spot in Huntington and Newport Beach filled with cars from out of the area? Simply put you can’t keep Californians away from the beach. Park rangers tell us that during the lock down the surfers weren’t the problem, it was the joggers and bicyclists. Some surfers did go so far as to get on boats to hit their favorite breaks.

Laguna Beach might have broken the code with such limited Beach hours, 6-10 am, that no one will drive there and hunt for a parking space. World class surfers are showing up at the Huntington Beach pier pretty regularly attracting more people. The CoolToys Crew even went out and tested some new deck padding from Hawaii since the beaches are open with rules we can live with.

One Huntington Beach resident said “If you are going to “bend” the rules, be safe, keep your social distance and please don’t park in front of my driveway”.

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