Monster Storm Hits and Facebook and Instagram Go Dark?

The East Coast of the United States is getting ready for a monster storm with travel bans going into effect for the second time in less than two months. While the west coast has spring like temperatures and the Tahoe basin experiences a severe lack of snow and late spring skiing conditions and temperatures the north east braces for extreme cold, snow and ice.

To make it more interesting, several media sources are saying that Facebook and Instagram have become unavailable in all around the world. Stuck in a snow storm in New York and you can’t post it on Facebook or Instagram? What is a person to do? Tinder is down too but we don’t even know what that is and it isn’t a company that parent The Bourquin Group uses for their clients.

At 11:53 PM East Coast, 8:53 West Coast reports started arriving that Facebook and Instagram were no longer available. Ironically, Instagram used twitter to “tweet” that they were working on the problem. No word from Facebook or Tinder yet.

This is the first major outage experienced by these two major social networking sites. The timing brings into question the cause. Hackers? East Coast service providers? Right now the only lead is a hacker group taking credit and investigators and the social media companies are not saying anything.

Social media is out and the weather world is upside down. Global warming? We don’t know, all we know is that California needs rain and snow and we are hoping for more. If it means that Facebook, Instagram and Tinder don’t work? Well where would we post our ski pictures if it did snow?

Tahoe View

Here we have a view going up the lift at Diamond Peak on Lake Tahoe and you can see the lack of snow for January. Three years ago there was over 6 feet of snow. This year, dirt. Pray for Snow on the west coast. Snow on the East Coast does nothing for our water and this summers fire hazards. The 80 degrees SoCal days with 60 degree ocean waters do make for nice winter surfing.

Today though the weather started to finally look like winter. We are hoping for more rain and snow across California.

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