Boycott Hershey? “Real” Cadbury Chocolate Pulled From US Shelves?

Hershey Corp (NYSE HSY) reached an agreement to stop the import of “real” Cadbury chocolate candies from the U.K. The Boycott Hershey cries began almost immediately as fans of the “real” Cadbury started hoarding.

How did Hershey get Cadbury chocolate imports to the US stopped? Hershey has a license to make and sell Cadbury brand chocolates here in the U.S. with a catch. The U.S. Version is made with cheaper ingredients. Basically Cadbury here in the U.S. is the low budget version of the good stuff in the U.K. that our friends at #TopGear get to eat while we are stuck with the waxy lower quality stuff here in the U.S.

British ex-Pats and chocolate lovers alike are protesting Hershey asking them to let consumers choose between the cheap stuff and the good stuff. As one Cadbury lover posted on their wall, #BoycottHershey, We get to choose between Toyota and Lexus don’t we?

As we say at Beach Street News, “Follow the Money – Find The Truth”. What it comes down to is Hershey doesn’t make any money when people choose the better quality, “Real”, Cadbury chocolates that are imported from the UK. Is is being greedy that Hershey wants to make the most money from their license to make cheaper chocolate? Or do they make the cheaper chocolate because American’s don’t know or care?

The real lesson here is that if you want a cheap waxy chocolate bar buy Hershey’s. If you want good chocolate, go to Europe or maybe buy Ritter-Sport Chocolate? Good Chocolate is available here in the U.S., just not good Cadbury Chocolate if Hershey gets their way.

Not Made in the USA
Not Made in the USA


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