Beach open - crowds arrive

OC Beaches Closed by Gov Newsom

OC beaches are closed by Governor Newsom as of tomorrow May 1st.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has closed Orange County Beaches. Without regard to the cause of the flock of people last weekend, Gov Newsom chose to single out Orange county after crowds appeared at Newport Beach.

OC Beaches Closed? Huntington Beach, a victim of Newsom's Closure of Huntington Beach.
Newsom closes OC Beaches on May 1st, 2020

Instead of taking a “locals” only approach and enforcing the “No unnecessary travel” clause in the shelter at home order, Governor Newsom has instead decided to punish those who pay the most to live along the coast. The beach is the park for locals in Newport and Huntington Beach areas. Where are they supposed to go for fresh air and exercise now?

The Governor stated this may be temporary if a framework can be built to keep crowds thin and reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19.

What does a homeowner in Surfside Colony or Newport Peninsula do to get out? “When people live this close together on the coast, the beach is the exercise place to go where you don’t have to walk next to people on a side walk” said one Newport Peninsula local. She said she didn’t like walking down the streets because there were too many people.

Congressional canditate and Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steele called Governor Newsom’s action of forcing the OC beaches to close an over reach of power by the Governor. The Orange County Sheriff said he has no desire to enforce through arrests. Where is the ACLU now?

Tonight at 7PM CoolToys TV will talk about the beach closure during the live show.


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