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Air Cooled Porsche – Classic Style, Modern Communications

Air Cooled Porsche 911 models can now leave the FM radio behind.

Porsche announced the PCCM or Porsche Classic Communications System this week. Classic and early vintage owners can now have smart phone connectivity and maintain the factory design of the Porsche.

With two models, the PCCM can replace the single DIN or double DIN stereos in Porsche models previously locked in the AM/FM world. DIN is a sizing standard that applies to many cars, specifically to Porsche.

With DAB+ digital radio stations are now available in classic Porsche cars month other options. As CoolToys TV hosts found, digital radio is better radio. If you love the style and sound of the air cooled Porsche line, and still want great audio with a factory look, keep reading.

PCCM is More Than Just a Radio

The Porsche Classic Communication Management is a further development of the previous radio navigation system for classic Porsche sports cars. Like the previous system, the new PCCM fits exactly in the 1-DIN slot which was standard in sports cars for many decades. Not only Porsche.

Air Cooled Porsches go touchscreen

The PCCM is operated via two rotary knobs, six integrated buttons and a touch-sensitive 3.5-inch display. Like the predecessor model, it includes a navigation function with “Point of Interest” search in an enhanced version. Route guidance optionally takes place as a simple arrow representation in a 2D or 3D view. The corresponding map material is provided on a separate SD card, which can also be ordered in the Porsche Classic online shop or through a Porsche centre.

For the first time, all users of an Apple iPhone as from version 5 can now also use their iPhone apps for media playback, navigation and telephony while driving. Media playback is also possible via an SD card, USB, AUX and Bluetooth®. The PCCM blends harmoniously into the dashboard of Porsche classic cars thanks to the black surface finish and the shape of the knobs.

The new radio system features the Porsche logo looks great in the first 911 models of the 1960s and the last air cooled Porsche 911’s from the start of the 1990s (993 model series).

Use in earlier front- and mid-engine models is also possible according to the Porsche press release. For those of you that aren’t uber Porsche fans, that means, the 914 (one of our favorite go-karts) as well as the short lived 924 and 928 models.

For Newer Model Porsches

As the 911 moved into the 996 variant, and the 986 Boxter arrived, Porsche had upgraded to the PCM double din units. Now there is also a PCCM plus in the double DIN or “2-DIN” format for a direct replacement of the factory PCM head unit.

No cutting of the dash, no damage to your classic German sports car. Yes it comes with a Porsche price tag, but if you want to keep your classic all factory, PCCM might be worth looking at.

Old air cooled Porsches, and newer water cooled models can now have a touch screen and still keep the Porsche cache. Only available through Porsche dealerships and Porsche Classic online.

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