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Democratic Party Rule for 20 years, Is Life Better or Worse?

The Democrats have been in Charge for over 20 years and…

Democratic Rule of Los Angeles has a long history, but it changed in 2001.  The last democrat in charge before the change was Tom Bradley.  Tom Bradley was a friend and mentor of my Father and a popular Democratic Mayor of Los Angeles.  He was also the only “Black” or “African American” mayor in the cities history.  This seams a bit odd given how many wealthy, and popular people of color live in Los Angles.  Or do they?  Before his tragic accident, even Lakers Great Kobe Bryant escaped the problems of Los Angeles and lived in Newport Beach.  Maybe that is part of the problem?

The Train Is Back

During Tom Bradley’s time as mayor, leading Los Angeles under democratic rule, the city had its fair share of problems.  He dealt with them but eventually lost to a republican who promised a better future.  Richard Riordan delivered.  He built the red line trains, returning efficient and practical mass transit to Los Angels.  A little known group called the “bus riders union” sued to block the trains and brought controversy to the project which is now a critical part of the Los Angeles Transportation system.  One of the groups arguments was that spending money to connect a train to the airport was not serving the poor.  Ironically Mayor Garcetti pushed the airport connection through.

Today the problems of Los Angeles are at a whole different level.  After losing two terms to republican Mayor Richard Riordan by a landslide, the Democrats returned to power in July of 2001 when James Hahn became the mayor.  Since then Los Angeles has been in a downward spiral.  Crime is on the rise, homeless camps blanket the city and good jobs are leaving.  The entertainment industry is exploding in cities like Atlanta, New York, Austin and even Vancouver Canada.  The jobs people came to Los Angeles for are leaving in record numbers.

The Kids Are Losing Too

Speaking of records, today, a record number of children in school are below the poverty level.  While the poverty level of children in California now ranks among the highest in the United States, Los Angeles runs 20% higher than the state average.

The Democratic Party has always been the home of the two-class system, which protects the wealthy and gives to the poor virtually nothing. They have claimed to be the “champions of labor” and the “labor party”.  All they really do is work to insure they have a good labor force educated just enough to work, not enough to protest.  Those who would challenge the two-class system, or those who would support the poor, are labeled “self serving”, “greedy” or even “racist”.

A Two Class Party

The fact that the Democrats are the party of the two-class system is telling you something. For the last 20 years of Democratic rule of Los Angeles, they have pointed fingers to the other side while doing everything they can to divide the country.  Ironically after being in charge for over 20 years, the democrats have no-one to blame but themselves for the state of Los Angeles today.

Former Democrat Donald Trump (Yes he was a democrat but couldn’t beat Hillary as a Dem so…) used the fear and anger playbook of the Democrats to get into the White House.  It worked once.  He couldn’t out do the democratic marketing machine twice.  The Democrats are not interested in restoring America but instead want to maintain their grip on power through voter manipulation.  They use fear and mud slinging to convince people everyone else is “evil” and “racist”.  It is amazing that the democrats want us to check our race and sexual preference on every form saying that it “insures inclusiveness”.  What it looks like is they are trying to insure divisiveness.

For the Working Class?

It’s interesting that the Democrats make all sorts of claims about being on the side of the working class and yet at the same time have gone beyond an aristocratic left. The Democratic Party is also the home of Big Labor and the labor unions who also want to maintain their grip on power. The unions have become clearly those in charge and those that work.  A perfect metaphor of the democratic party.  The two class system fails on many levels.  It is the reason our fore fathers left Britain and fought for independence.  Today it appears people don’t want independence or freedom or responsibility.  if they did, why would the voters in Los Angeles keep voting for the same failing platform? Why do they keep voting for Democratic Rule of Los Angeles if their lives aren’t getting better every term?  Are they being duped?

This isn’t to say that the republicans are without flaw.  Clearly the beaches and air of California are much cleaner than they were in 1973.  I used to get in a lot of trouble (by todays standards “abused”) for stealing turpentine to clean the tar off my feet from the off shore drilling.  The air was so brown as a kid in the 70’s that I didn’t know there were mountains there.  I don’t know anyone who wanted more fuel efficient cars or catalytic converters back then, but the beaches are better for it now.

Sadly the Democrats won’t take any responsibility when it comes to their own failures and the poor and downtrodden classes of this great nation.  Today that has become the majority of this country.  Somehow the democrats have convinced people that life getting worse is just the way it is.  They claim to support opportunity, while enacting policies to prevent it.

We Should Do Better

People from all over the world are giving up everything to leave two class systems and socialism to get a chance at success in the United States.  Don’t we owe it to ourselves and our new immigrants to keep the country free and create opportunity?  Don’t we owe it to the world to step up and do the right thing?  Someone once said in socialism we all share in the prosperity.  In communism we all share in the suffering.  Hasn’t Los Angeles suffered enough for the last 20 years?  Isn’t it time for change?