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Every Lane Is the Fast Lane

In the 70’s The Eagles sang about “Life In The Fast Lane”, and today every lane is the fast lane.

Covid-19 has had some odd side effects. Stores like Trader Joes‘ disallowing re-usable bags and running out of paper bags. Years of society learning better habits of environmentalism and conservationism lost. And yet major pollution is down.

The big industries of the world have ground to a halt. This has drastically reduced the amount of oil the world uses. Yesterday, for the first time in history the price of oil went below zero. No gas won’t be free but it means there is too much oil and the cost of storing it outweighs the value of the oil.

The other side effect is that the highways are open again, traffic jams are all but gone. This leaves the roads open to some new adventures in driving. As a David at KFRG radio said, “Every lane is now the fast lane”.

Fast Lane Left turn equals destroyed Repli-cobra
The Left Turn Lane – Oops

The lack of traffic due to the shelter in place order has opened up America’s highways and roads. While “recreational travel” is illegal around the world, many are going out and enjoying the open road.. As reported on CoolToys.TV, the New York Millionaire and Super Car Event Planner, Ben Chen destroyed a Porsche GT on the streets of New York.

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