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CoolToys TV Goes Quarantstream

Huntington Beach, California (April 23, 2020) – Getting tired of reruns and pharma commercials?  The CoolToys TV hosts have decided they have, and you can join them live. Without a crew they can’t shoot the whole show.  Instead they are going it on their own to bring you a new CoolToys every week LIVE.  

Host Scott called a LiveStream while Quarantined a “Quarantstream”. They will do the show live as long as Cool Toys keep showing up and shelter in place orders are still a reality

“Going live is part of our new reality.  We really are a family here so for the two of us to be in the studio and Kelly to run camera is safe and fits the requirements. Covid-19 has shown us all how quickly we can adapt to a changing world” Josh is an M.D. so Covid-9 questions are allowed in the live chat.  

Scott’s wife Kelly tells us that the CoolToys TV live stream will be very different. CoolToys TV has a live chat feature so you can ask questions or comment on the story and the boys will have it on the screen in front of them.  “We are working on a way to have the chat viewable on the recorded versions too” she added.

Of course when you have a commercial photographer directing, running the cameras and the switcher, funny things happen.  Unlike some other shows that are “live streaming from home” and still have a crew at home with them, this is just Scott, Josh and Kelly.  

Each of the hosts also has a GoPro and a small camera TV camera to do field shots while they are out in the neighborhood or just doing “shelter in place” activities.  The out in the field stories are (mostly) safe for kids to watch.  Let’s call it a PG-13 show

Join CoolToys and be a part of the conversation Thursdays at 7pm only on and CoolToys.TV.  Unless you know of a cable slot they can slide into.

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