Beach open - crowds arrive

Beaches Are Open and Surf Line Up is Full

Even though there is no legal parking at the beach, surfers have figured out the beaches are open.

CoolToys® TV hosts Scott and Josh live just blocks from their surf break. Normally the lazy bums drive to hang out with the world famous Bolsa Chica 16.5 Original Surf Crew. Since the shelter in place order and parking lots shut down, it is time to ride a bike.

Scott calls it “Surfing one for the crew”. Every day he paddles out and tries to catch anything for the crew. Even if the waves are 1 foot, he still goes. He has posted a couple of videos and today he finds the break looks like a regular Thursday. Not one car in the lot and the line up is full.

Contrary to protests on Facebook, and other fake news outlets, some beaches are open. The Huntington Beach protests last week were a perfect example of people not paying attention. Los Angeles and San Diego County Beaches are closed. Orange County, specifically Surf City beaches are open, and state beaches remain open to locals.

Covid-19 gives new meaning to locals only.

We are guessing that all of the people that would normally be at work are filling in the gaps. Without cars, the lots are cleaner and up until now the sea grass was trying to return the beach to it’s natural state.

Today, we see that surfers are parking anywhere they can, and using bikes and skateboards to head out to the breaks. Clearly violating the intent of the shelter in place laws of California. Scott shares what he found in this video.

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