Dawn Patrol Surfing SoCal

Dawn Patrol Surfing in SoCal, words don’t do it justice even with 1′ waves.

If you surf, you know the story of The Early Bum. That guy who is always in the water at the crack of dawn catching that first glassy wave before sunrise. The guy that is out of the water before most people get up and load their boards.

Dawn Patrol at Bolsa 16.5 in the CoolToys TV ride.
Dawn Patrol in the CoolToys ride

Earl Banes was called “the early bum” by his friends since he was first on the course, first on the waves, first to work, first on the slopes on Saturday morning and first to Vegas on the last Friday of each month. SoCal is the only place where someone like this could exist.

His grandson has started following Earls ways and went out to grab the first waves recently and shared this surfing video with us. Most of his boards have camera mounts so heading out for Dawn Patrol was just one more story to tell.

Scott shot this video to show you what dawn patrol looks like. He said it “feels great, just very cold”. Without the sun on the wetsuit 50 degrees in the water can get a little chilly.