HP and Epson Printer Shift

Are you a Mac user that has a problem with printer shift?

Printer shift is where at some point in the printing process the printer shifts one way or the other. If you are printing a photo, postage, bar code or any other image that needs to line up, this can be very annoying.

The fix for printer shift is simple and different than if the top is getting cut off when printing from a browser. If you are having that problem this may work and if not click that link for the article on how to fix that.

Getting a high quality print is easy, but often overlooked when printing. In order to save ink, most printers don’t default to the highest quality printing, There in lies the problem. For some reason in good or better print settings, the printer gets lazy somewhere down the page and prints in a different space.

Since we obviously print a lot of photos here in our studio, print quality is critical to delivering a top notch product to our customers. Photo printing is especially critical.

The fix when printing anything that matters is to select the drop down that likely says Preview, select Media and Quality, and then set the print quality to best.

It really is silly that you have to do this. Draft should be slightly less ink, or maybe 100 dpi instead of 300 or 600. But is isn’t, instead it for some reason is the lazy mode where the printer just prints sort of where it wants.

Printer Shift Fix Start Here
Select Preview
Printer shift is fixed with Best Quality set
Select Media And Quality then Set Quality to Best

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