HP Printer Cuts off Top on Mac

At Beach Street News, we are 100% Mac and our HP printers occasionally cut off the top of documents.  If your HP printer is cutting off the top here are a few tips.

1. Update your driver – this is from the HP website and it has never helped us.

2. Do a Hard Reset – while your printer is on, unplug for at least 30 seconds and plug in – has worked once.

3. Use different software mode – This is the normal fix.  If you select print and the little version on your screen has the top cut off, that is exactly how your HP printer will print and cut off the top of your document or photo.

The fix here can involve many steps but once you do this you will know exactly how to fix this problem every time.  The problem is the solution is slightly different depending on what you are printing.

The most problematic is printing documents from the internet.  While in Safari or Chrome if you try and print and the top is cut off, you need to move the document to fix the issue.  For some reason the print function in browsers doesn’t have the “scale” function you need.

Yes, by the way this is a bug that HP and/of Apple should fix, and since I see lots of online comments about Windows I am looking mostly at HP.

The fix for documents in a browser is to move your mouse to the middle bottom so the options show up to download or open in Preview.  The options panel looks like this in Safari

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 7.11.43 PM



Either way you will eventually open it in Preview.  Preview is the one that looks like a jewelers loop with two pictures.

In Preview when you select print you will have the option to “Scale” and “Print entire image” options.  Select this and you should get a complete print.

The second problem here is with regular documents in software like Word or Pages.  The same option fixes the problem but changes the output of what you are looking at.  Fixing the margins at the top might keep your document closer to the on screen image.

There are a few people who have found that running a cleaning paper through the printer helps too, but not for us yet.

If you find something that works. Help everyone and let us know.

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