fun with masks

Fun With Masks

Can you have fun with masks?

The boys at CoolToys.TV have jumped on the mask bandwagon. They decided to figure out how to make a Cool Mask. Instead of making fun of people that wear masks like they normally would they decided to have fun with masks.

In an earlier post one of our writers discussed the changes to Huntington Beach rules. They each took the challenge differently. Josh decided that there is an inherent flaw in all mask design, and Scott decided that they were just boring.

“Just because life is serious doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun. If you don’t you will just become an angry old (redacted).” – says CoolToys Host and Creator Scott.

fun with masks
Not Fun Enough?

The city of Huntington Beach is asking residents to follow the County Health Officer’s advice of wearing a mask. While somewhat silly looking and uncomfortable there isn’t any reason you can’t make a fun mask. In Japan it has been common for years to wear a mask if you have a cold or flu. They have a completely different viewpoint. One we all might have soon.

Since they have been wearing masks much longer they have become a fashion statement in Japan. A search of masks brought up hundreds of options, but getting one soon might be tough. Maybe you can do like the boys did and fashion your own mask fashion. Who knows it might be your next calling.


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