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HARD yoga and its Founder are stepping up their commitment to making the world a better place

California, USA 22nd December 2018

HARD yoga and its Founder are stepping up their commitment to making the world a better place

Monica Carroll, Founder of HARD yoga, has announced on Facebook, two programs that will receive support from HARD yoga in 2019. These two dog friendly charities will receive a portion of the profit of the HARD yoga studios and online course sales.

DELTA and the Soi Dog Foundation (Soi Dog) are the two dog friendly charities that HARD yoga will be contributing to in 2019. DELTA is the largest “No Kill, Care-for-Life,” Animal Sanctuary of its kind in the world, located in the high desert area of Los Angeles. The Soi Dog Foundation is a charitable organization which saves the lives of Asia’s street dogs and cats from the meat industry. The Soi Dog Foundation was established in 2003 in Phuket, Thailand.

Sponsor Dimple at Soi Dog

In today’s world, the phenomenon of stray dogs is totally out of control and represents a huge problem, causing both animal and human suffering. The society has the responsibility of protection towards animals, both connected to the objective value of the single individual, as being able to suffer and to have feelings, and to the positive and irreplaceable role of animals within the human society.

For many years, Monica Carroll has been a proponent of saving shelter dogs and supporting no-kill shelters. Unlike most proponents of good causes, Monica actually does something about it. She donates to the causes she cares about. Monica believes having the power to improve the lives of others is a privilege, and one that comes with its own sense of obligation. Acting on these powerful feelings of responsibility is a great way for Monica to reinforce her own personal values and feel like she is living in a way that is true to her own ethical beliefs.

About Monica Carroll

Monica Carroll is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Ayurveda Health Practitioner who has been teaching yoga, health, fitness, and nutrition for the past 25 years.

Monica Carroll is here to serve her community with truth, integrity, love and genuine hard work. Her yoga studio: HARD yoga, which offers a variety of yoga classes to suit everyone, is the best in Huntington Beach. 

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