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Sunday February 23rd 2020



Measure T In South Lake Tahoe

Measure T in South Lake Tahoe passed and the town is going to be “Lenient” for the holiday season. What is Measure T in South Lake Tahoe and why should you care?

Measure T in South Lake Tahoe put a limit of two persons per bedroom on vacation rental. Opponent are mostly landowners who don’t live in the area and couldn’t vote, but use the income of their home to justify ownership.

The law on occupancy enacted by Congress states that two persons per bedroom is the acceptable limit. So it appears that measure T is simply asking the town of South Lake Tahoe to enforce the occupancy law enacted by congress.

As a college ski club member, I have to admit we used to pack 20 college skiers in a four bedroom house on weekends. As a homeowner now, I can see how the number of cars, the noise and in some cases the late arrivals and early departures can be annoying. We all want to find the cheapest way to play and keep our neighborhoods nice.

Is two persons per bedroom a reasonable limit? I think so but what do you think. Let us know.

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