Why Are Stores Spraying Poison to Kill Covid-19?

Walking through the self checkout at Target, the employee would spray the self serve register after each user with poison to kill Covid-19. But Why?

Covid-19 is a real virus, and yes it can make you sick and in very rare cases cause permanent damage or death. The same as any other flu. Yes Covid-19 is a type of flu. Just a little worse than other flu bugs that we have seen in our lives. The Spanish Flu three or so generations ago was probably the closest thing in history for us. The black plague was a whole different thing.

Death by shopping cart?

Yesterday I grabbed a shopping cart from the parking lot at Ralphs. A lady yelled at me because it wasn’t “sanitized by an employee.” Oddly there was not an employee outside spraying carts. I tried to explain that UV light from the sun has actually killed any possible Covid-19 on the shopping cart. Not just the handle like the employees do. I do sometimes touch the basket putting groceries in or taking them out.

UV light is a great sanitizer. As long as you don’t stare at it or try and get a tan with UV-C, it is proven the fastest killer of Covid-19. Home Depot has pallets of the UV-C lights and yet their employees are still spraying carts and wiping down registers. I just don’t get it. Why aren’t the employees getting a UV-C light to kill covid-19 on the registers and carts in seconds, and more completely? It makes no sense.

The Easy Way to Kill Covid-19

A doctor friend of mine has a UV-C light at the front door and uses it on any packages that arrive. Simple, yet very effective. The way big stores like Target and Ikea are set up with little doors just for the shopping carts, they could easily put in a UV-C light that doesn’t shine in anyones eyes and hits all the carts completely.

Even my hot tub has a UV light to help sanitize the water and kill bugs with less chlorine. It just works. Yes if you look at it, you can damage your eyes. Yes if you try and tan with it, you will increase your risk of certain skin cancers. The question is what are those spray sanitizers doing to us and the employees that work with them for hours at a time?

The other big question I have about the sprays is this: Do they even work? Read how long lysol takes to kill covid-19 and other viruses on a surface. You can’t just spray and wipe. I think of lysol as being one of the better products out there. If you just spray and wipe, are you really killing anything or is it just “eye wash” to get us back into the stores after the media told us we can die if we touch it?

The Truth Is Simple.

Wash your hands, don’t remove your mask and sneeze on the printer cartridges at Costco or the produce at Whole Foods. I have seen both recently. Use your shirt. Yes your shirt should get dirty when you sneeze or cough if you don’t carry a handkerchief, not the printer cartridges, produce or anything else you aim your face at. Finally do us all a favor and stay home when you are sick.

Masks and sprays aren’t really the thing that will save us. All we really need to do is respect each other and be courteous. If you are still worried, get a UV-C light.


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