Covid-19 Corona Virus By the Numbers

Covid-19 aka Corona Virus has taken over everything we look at. There are rumors everywhere and most of it is just speculation by the people who want to make twitter followers. Closing Schools, killing jobs, destroying the economy isn’t the answer.

Scott interviews Josh Snodgrass MD, about the reality of the Corona virus in general and the specifics of Corona Virus number 19. The video was a livestream on Facebook from the CoolToys Studio.

As the corona virus takes shape in the US, we have decided to remove this video temporarily while we revisit the cases. We recommend this site for information.

As always you are your own best defense. Our advice is to act like you have the virus and so does everyone around you. Keep your hands and face clean and avoid direct contact.

The links to the charts that they are talking about in the video.

The first chart shows the relationship of different diseases.

All of the stories where the media used a story that wasn’t that big and turned it into panic.

Finally the chart that sums it up, the best is the overkill by the media to grab eyeballs at the expense of the rest of the economy.–JZbaBO0UB9_0ts2PMjV0fP87zXdjg9AP5ADMiAM

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