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Sunday April 5th 2020



My Suja Fresh Start – Can Scott Bourquin Do a 3 Day Juice?

My Suja Fresh Start Box

18 Bottles for My Suja Fresh Start

My Suja Fresh Start – how hard can it be?  CoolToys host Scott Bourquin found the 18 pack of Suja Juice at Costco after topping 193 on the scales.  The good life has been a little too good and he has decided to take the three day challenge.  NO food, NO Caffeine (and that means Diet Coke) and no Alcohol for three days.  The big question is how hard is it.

If you have tried the My Suja Fresh Start and failed or succeeded, share it with us.  Scott will check in each day for three days and give a final review on the fourth day.  The bets are on that he’ll fly to McDonalds for a Diet Coke and Deluxe Big Breakfast as soon as he is done.  He doesn’t think so.

Suja doesn’t call it a Juice Cleanse, but lets get real, three days without food.  If he can make it that is.

Check it out.

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