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Do You Eat Out During Covid-19 Pandemic

Is Covid-19 inflation causing you to pay more and eat less when you eat out?

Eating out during the Covid-19 pandemic had changed how we dine “out”. For the better part of the last year, Governor Newsom or as they call him at the beach, Governor Nuisance has “ordered” us to use take out or eat al fresco. The lack of enforcement has caused some very interesting tents to pop up all over Southern California. What is different about an enclosed tent or an enclosed restaurant with proper heating and cooling systems in place? Why can’t a restaurant just install HEPA filters like the airlines?

The response to the pandemic has been disjointed and sporadic. Can I use my re-usable bags? Are they allowed in the store or do I bag myself outside? Why use a spray to disinfect when UV-C light is faster and safer? These are just a few examples of how ridiculous this has become. Like sheep to a slaughter, we have (almost) all be playing along.

Recently on one of those “neighbor” apps, a patron complained about waiters not wearing masks. The state has ordered them too, but I agree they have the right not too. The patrons aren’t wearing masks when they eat, so why should the servers. Maybe take their temperature before work like they do when you go to Downtown Disney because symptomatic people are much more likely to transmit a virus. Maybe put up signs, to wash your hands before you eat. It is creepy how many men walk right past the sink before and after using the restroom these days.

One thing I like is that we are all a little more spaced out when we eat. I like the extra space, and don’t mind paying a little more and tipping a little more for the service. Call it “coronaflation”. Yup, I pay more and eat less thanks to Covid-19, and honestly it doesn’t bother me. My bathroom scale is pretty clear I am not starving when I check in each morning.

Sadly, Home Depot hasn’t figured this out yet. The aisles are still crammed with stuff so you can’t pass anyone and remain more than 2 feet away. Costco doesn’t seem to have this problem. The airlines require you to stand 6 feet apart in the jet bridge, and then sit you right next to a stranger. How is this?

It appears that no news outlet wants to shed light on the truth here. I hope that some editors will publish this and you will join me in telling the big money (or as some would say, fake) news outlets to stop pandering and pushing their opinions, and just gives us facts to get understanding. Until then, TV news is off in my house. Maybe we all turn off the TV, Cell phone and tablet for a national “no news” day while we go outside and check on our neighbors and friends? Are you in?

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