Is Your Local Advertising Working For You?

Huntington Beach, CA

If you local ads aren’t working, Certified Yext Partner, The Bourquin Group LLC, might know why.

Marketing has changed, people are being pulled in 100 directions at once.  It used to be if you hung a pizza flyer on everyone’s front door you had a pretty good chance they would at least look at it.  These days there is a pretty good chance they will grab it off the door while texting and not even realize what it is.

Small businesses all over the country are trying everything to get customers attention, for a lucky few they break the code, for others, disaster awaits.

A few quick tips to make sure you aren’t throwing marking money down the drain.

1. Answer a simple question – What is my customers problem, why do they want it fixed and how am I fixing it.

This doesn’t matter if you sell Porsche or Pizza. There is a problem for both customers, even if they are the same person.

2. What question can you ask them to get them thinking about this problem they have?

There is a headline for your ads.

3. Get Online and Go Mobile.

If you aren’t advertising online because Pay Per Click was too expensive or just didn’t work for you, don’t give up.  Your customers are mobile, and your marketing plan should be too.  For as little as $299 a month you can have a completely managed mobile marketing and listing program that will put your ad on over 50 major mobile websites and directories.

Don’t get left behind, go mobile.

Scott Bourquin is an internet marketing expert who has been helping businesses grow their business online since 1995.  He can be reached through the Bourquin Group LLC 775-298-1667Phones_200x200

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