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Tuesday October 22nd 2019



LED Halo Headlight Installation on Jeep Wrangler JK

Installing LED Headlights on a Jeep Wrangler JK took us under three hours, and that was shooting an entire video  .

The team at #TecTacDoh scoured the internet looking for LED headlights with a halo ring for Daytime Running Lights.  It wasn’t as easy as you would think.  To begin with there are over twenty good looking LED headlights, all making great promises of better lighting, DRL or cool colors.  We wanted to keep it simple, no multi color LED’s that might attract some legal attention when we don’t want it.  We also wanted DOT compliant because we don’t want to blind the other drivers and become a safety hazard.  Finally we wanted a dedicated DRL with the cool Halo look.

You would think that adding DRL’s to any modern car would be easy, especially since Jeep JK in Canada have DRL as mandatory equipment.  In the US it isn’t an option, and they are the same Jeep aren’t they?

The answer is yes.  The difference is a computer chip program and you can reprogram the chip with a chip programmer, but that sends half voltage to the headlights. Not good if you upgrade to LED and have a dedicated halo ring you want to use as your DRL.  Some Forums say to rob power from the M7 fuse, others say connect them to the parking lights and run them all the time.  When you have automatic headlights, that isn’t an option.

Installing LED Headlights with a HALO ring was easy.  It is only six clips and two marker light connectors to remove the grill.  Four Torx 15 screws in each headlight, and a quick connection to get DRL power from an accessory circuit.  We did the homework, found the lights, installed the wrong and installed them right.  Do you want to see the whole thing?

If you look at the other photo of this Jeep there is a difference.  What is it?

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