CoolToys TV Ride Hits The Beach

The CoolToys team took the CruToys 2019 JLU to the beach for a photo shoot

CoolToys TV Ride at the beach - 2019 Jeep JLU Good enough to be a CruToy.
CoolToys TV Ride at The Beach

Half way through season two of CoolToys, the 2016 Jeep Wrangler JKU was traded for a 2019 Jeep Wrangler JLU. While the two Jeeps are basically four door sport utility vehicles, They are very different.

The CoolToys team awarded the 2016 JKU four stars. Something was missing and some minor computer issues cost it the fifth star. Within a week of the JLU arriving, it was declared “ridiculous” by the Hosts wife and the Director of CoolToys Season two, sold his for a more practical and wife approved BMW 3 series diesel.

The JKU was awarded the highest CoolToys┬« honor, badges a “CruToy┬«” and sent to the beach for a photo shoot. Beach Street News and Custom Photocraft photographers were out there at Sunset to capture the new toy in it’s element. Outdoors and ready to play.

Within hours after receiving the 2019 JLU CoolToys host and his dog Chloe headed up to Lake Tahoe where a 4 foot snow dump had just occurred to test out the new Jeep. His only comment was “If you aren’t going to crawl rocks, the newer AWD system may be better, hopefully we can talk about that in a future episode”.

Since then the new CoolToys ride has crawled the volcano trail at Mammoth Lakes, gone on a photo safari at Joshua Tree and been the surfboard hauler for the crew. There is a contender though. While interviewing a new co-host for CoolToys, the co-host believes the Toyota Tacoma to be the better all around CoolToy. Watch season three and find out. is home to CoolToys TV and is the only place where full episodes can be seen.


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