Ever Seen A Porsche GT-1?

Are you looking for the dream car to display in your living room?  How about a one of a kind Porsche GT-1?  Have you ever even heard of this car?  Until I wandered into TruSpeed Motorcars in Costa Mesa I hadn’t.

Porsche GT-1 for Sale
Porsche GT-1 for Sale

This car is a show stopper without question.  Talk about the uber-conversation piece for the grand entry of your mansion or man cave!  This car just screams fast while it is sitting on the showroom floor.  Even if you sold the engine on e-bay for the down payment I don’t think anyone would care.

This isn’t your Nissan GT-R that you let your friends drive to show off the speed, this is a car that needs no introduction and begs to be seen.  Or if you are more adventurous I am sure that shop owner and racing champion Rob Morgan would be happy to bring the car out to the track and give you some pointers as you chase him around the track.

Even if a $1.5MM Porsche isn’t on your to do list, this is a car you should stop and see. It is truly stunning and it will only be at TruSpeed Motorcars until some lucky person buys it.

TruSpeed is located at 365A Clinton in Costa Mesa, CA

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