918 on display at Supercars by the Sea

SuperCars By The Sea – Supports Warriors On Track

Huntington Beach, CA

SuperCars By The Sea had a great showing this weekend while supporting Warriors On Track. The Marque for the show was Porsche and the show did not disappoint with dozens of Porsches showing up. And no, 911’s were not the only Porsche cars on display.

If you are not a Porsche Fan a few unique rides showed up to the event. One which was a massive stretch to call a super car was one of Subaru’s early rally cars. A little tiny car that made a Boxter look like a land yacht by comparison. It easily would fit in the trunk of the President’s “Beast”.

Lamborghini, Ferrari, Alfa, and Corvette’s were in abundance but the interesting rides included an electrified Porsche, a Jeep with a Corvette LS3 stuffed under the hood and a couple of resto-mod Camaro’s which looked like they were hitting the marks to make an episode of CoolToys TV.

Each SuperCars by the Sea event has a focus. One past event pitted AMG Mercedes vs. Tesla. The creatively named event was “Gas Slayers vs. Gas Savers.”

Supported by the SuperCars organizers, Tom Woods and Scott Bourquin of Warriors on Track were on hand. The WOT duo were showing how motorsports can be a valuable tool in treating veterans with TBI and PTSD. Part of the WOT being there was of course to raise money to help with the program.

To help WOT raise funds, SuperCars by the Sea donated a Mothers professional detailing kit fit for any super car garage. Tickets were available at the WOT booth which Tom Woods hopes will be a regular visitor to the SuperCars by the Sea events.

If you are in Huntington Beach on the Third Sunday of the Month and like Cool Toys, more specifically Cool Supercars, then stop by Huntington State Beach from 7-10 am. You can follow them on instagram as well.

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