King Cake in Huntington Beach

If you need a King Cake in Huntington Beach, we might have your place.

The King Cake Story

This is the King Cake in Huntington Beach story as I see it. It may be wrong, but it’s the way my family passed on the tradition. The king of Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday if you don’t speak French or Cajun) is always a masked man named Rex. It is someone who is part of the secret Rex organization and the Krewe of Rex.

Mardi Gras itself stems from the Catholic tradition of fasting or at least not eating meat on Fridays from Ash Wednesday (The day after Fat Tuesday) to Easter Sunday.

The King cake was thought to have been brought by the French to New Orleans Louisiana around 1870. It was served to the King Rex at the biggest of American Mardi Gras celebrations. Today the King Cake goes beyond Catholic tradition or Mardi Gras and has become a piece of American Culture.

King Cakes In Huntington Beach California

Since returning to my home here in SoCal, finding a good King Cake has been a challenge. Honestly this is the first year we did not fly a backup out from Gambinos in NOLA.

Every year we hunt for a cake. We found a little French bakery on Bolsa that doesn’t make them. Another french bakery in Long Beach that did but they sell out every year. I won’t be an Early Bum for a King Cake. That would take away surf, ski or play time.

King Cake in Huntington Beach
King Cake in Huntington Beach

This year we stumbled on The Great Dane Baking Company. Honestly we thought it was an expensive dog food bakery so we never stopped in. But then someone told us they had great cakes for party’s so we called about a King Cake. They said we were too early in the season. That made my wife about lose her stuff.

My wife thinks that you can eat King Cake from late January until Fat Tuesday. While they didn’t have any in stock they did say they could custom make one early for the same price. As you can see in the picture, the kids had robbed the decorations and half was gone before I could get a photo.

The Baby of The King Cake

The Europeans added a little ceramic baby to the cake to symbolize baby Jesus. When the King Cake moved into mainstream culture the baby’s purpose changed. Today the baby represents luck and prosperity to whoever finds the baby in their cake. In our house they also have to provide the cake the next year.

Happy Mardi Gras.

The Great Dane Baking Company is on Warner Avenue across from Sprouts in Huntington Beach at 6855 Warner Ave.

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