Is The New Prop 13 a Hoax?

Is Prop 13 a Hoax or a good deal for kids? The simple answer lies with the backers. As we always say at BSN, follow the money. The old Prop 13 stopped the state of California from raising property taxes at will. This protected land owners and tenents. When property taxes go up, rents go up too.

As more people retire, fixed incomes become a reality for more people. Under the original Prop 13 the HJTA if you retired you didn’t lose your home because some legislative member who is supposed to be working for the people decided he or she needed to spend more money. Until prop 13 that was the standard.

Prop 13 a Hoax in 2020

Some states stop property tax increases when you turn 55. California did it smart. When you sell the land, the taxes move accordingly. Politicians were prevented from raising taxes and had to live within their budgets. This is something politicians like Gavin Newsom don’t like. It might be why is is promoting the new Prop 13 Hoax.

Using the same name as the tax friendly issue from the 1970’s that locked property tax at the 1% mark with some reasonable upward adjustments, the Prop 13 Hoax on the 2020 ballot is a different story. This prop 13 allows the government to sell bonds. The premise is that they will fix schools.

The reason we are calling this a hoax is that many school districts are also asking for local bonds to do the same thing. In fact they also already got bonds passed earlier to do the same thing. There are no ruled in the old bonds, the new bonds or the Prop 13 hoax that holds the state or the school districts accountable. If it is your money shouldn’t you be able to make sure they spend it the way they said they would?

Gavin Newsom is trying to convince you it is for the kids in his TV ads. Why would he if it didn’t benefit him and the people that back him? Always follow the money and this new 2020 version of Prop 13 has a lot of money that will need to be repaid. Every Californian will get a piece of this bill if it passes. Do you have extra money to spend on project you already paid for?

For 2020 don’t fall for the Hoax and vote NO on prop 13.

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