Where to Go in Europe – Top Destinations and Tips to Get You Started

If you are planning a vacation and you are thinking of where to go in Europe, then you should certainly consider visiting the major places that comprise this beautiful continent. Europe is a great continent, found mostly in both the northern and the southern hemisphere of the earth. One of the most popular places in Europe is France, which is found on the ocean side of the continent. The country is quite charming and is full of historical and modern worth. There are various ways by which you can tour this place and take time out to enjoy itself.

Where to Go In Europe

France is one of the best places in Europe that has a rich cultural and historical heritage. This is why it is considered as the “France of the East.” There are several other interesting tourist spots in France. You can try some of the greatest places to visit in France, such as the Dauphine Hotel or the Place du Soldeur. These are two very popular and beautiful hotels in France that you can visit and explore.

Another part of Europe that is worth visiting and exploring during your Europe trip is Austria. There are several cities in Austria and they have different styles and kind of attractions for you. If you want to travel to the medieval city of Vienna, then you will have to travel to the Western City, where there are many magnificent churches and palaces. You can also see the famous Castle church, the Town Hall, Sandau Castle, the gardens of Juncker-Alpendorf and much more.

Germany is another fascinating place in Europe. Germany is very popular for its natural beauty and has some amazing cities and towns in it. Some of the most beautiful cities in Germany are Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Munich, Fuessen, Offenbach, Kirchwerder, Eisleben, Ruegen, Gluckstadt and many more. All these cities are famous for their scenic beauty, historical significance and tourist attractions. So, when planning a Europe trip, do not forget to include Germany on your list.

Italy is another beautiful place in Europe. It has some of the best beaches in the world. It has many cities and towns that will truly fascinate you. Some of the best places to visit in Italy are Rome, Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Salerno, Milan and Pisa. So, when planning a Europe trip, don’t forget to include Italy in your list because these places will truly make you fall in love with Italy.

Belgium is also included in this list. Its beauty is really incomparable with France and Italy. Some of the famous cities in Belgium are Brussels, Antwerp, Yvraine, Liege, Flanders, Liege, Casemolo, Nederland and Fauville. Apart from these, there are many other cities and towns in Belgium that can amaze you. Some of the best places to visit in Belgium are Antwerp, Antilles, Argyll and Butte, Bezendarmer, Clos de Vougeot, Limburg, Namur, Oudwave, Belgem, Lioux-sur-Mer, Liege and Verviers.

You cannot have a complete tour of Europe without including Spain on your list. It is one of the oldest civilizations in Europe. It has an interesting history with great culture. Most of the Spanish cities are like the old cities of Spain; Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Andorra, Santo Domingo, Benidorm and Cordoba. Other cities in Spain like Galicia, Extremadura and Ovaci are also on the top ten lists of Europe.

Last but not the least, let us include Denmark. This Scandinavian country is not just popular for it’s beautiful and rare natural beauty, but also for its exciting night life. Many bars and clubs in Denmark are offering exotic dancing and music. If you love casinos, spend your vacation in Copenhagen and enjoy a night at the casinos or in a bar.