Vacu Vin, Can You Enjoy Wine Without It?

Having lived in Green Valley California, right on the edge of the Napa Valley, my wife and I have acquired an appreciation for wines.  Our home was just five miles from the nearest Costco, and the bike path traveled three of the five miles through vineyards.  Wine touches your life every day in that area whether you drink it or not.


Vacu Vin Gift Set
Don’t Waste Wine, Vacu Vin

Over time we learned techniques for aging wines correctly.  With the help of our neighbor Steve Munson, owner of S T Munson Construction,  we built a pretty nice little cellar in our home that held a couple hundred bottles.


Over the years the cellar worked wonderfully and since we had great neighbors, an open bottle quickly became and empty bottle.  Keeping wine overnight was never a question, so having any kind of wine preservation tool like a Vacu Vin wasn’t necessary.


These days things are a little different.  We live along the coast in Southern California, and even though we have great neighbors, work schedules tend to limit how much we can get together and enjoy a bottle of wine.  Opening a bottle of white wine and putting it in the fridge overnight as been good enough.  The reds are a different story.


Bottle after bottle would go bad after just one or two nights in the refrigerator.  After looking at spray preservatives and all kinds of different ways to preserve wine, I found a solution.


While at a board members home, he brought out a red and said that it was a couple of weeks since he opened it, and it might not be good.  We tried it both with and without running it through a Vinturi and it was quite nice.  I’ll save my opinion of the Vinturi for another article.


I noticed a funny little rubber stopper on the counter with holes on top.  When I asked what it was, Eric brought out the Vacu Vin.  It turns out at the high altitude of Lake Tahoe where he lives, wines goes bad quickly if not sealed.  He uses the Vacu Vin.


After turning several half bottles of good red wine into salad vinegar, I went online and got my own Vacu Vin.  After several bottles I can attest without hesitation, the Vacu Vin works.  I haven’t had one bottle turn with the one I finished with dinner last night going a week.  I did look at other methods, and my friends at Truckee River Winery suggested I use a bottled preservative.   They tell me the preservative is the best method available.  I chose to go with the Vacu Vin because I never run out at the wrong time.  If you keep several reds open, extra top packs are available too.


If you enjoy good wine and don’t finish the bottle every time, the Vacu Vin is an investment that will pay for itself in a very short time.

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