Historic Homes – The Painted Ladies of Huntington Beach

Orange County’s suburban tract homes are often unfairly labeled as “cookie cutter,” but in reality, Orange Counties’ communities boast some unique architectural gems.  At OCAR, we like to think of them as “sugar cookies.”

Besides their curb-appeal, some homes carry a unique, historic significance.

Much has been written about the California lifestyle, but that iconic image can vary greatly from one end of the Golden State to the other. Huntington Beach uniquely married the two notions together when it welcomed the Victorian-styled “Painted Lady” homes to 21st Street.

ImageThought you might have been in San Francisco for a moment… but no! It’s Huntington Beach.

Two balconies are more fun than one!

Styled after the type of homes constructed in the Victorian-Era, these beauties were actually built in the Reagan-Era of the 1980’s – Is “President Reagan” a classification for an era of architecture and design?

Should one of these be exactly what you have always wanted, you happen to be in luck . It appears one of the ladies is now for sale.

Does your Orange County community have a home or homes that are unique?  Whether they’re original, restored, or drastically remodeled, we’d like to hear from you.

Classic Americana

*Editors note, after an extensive Internet search, our staff has been unable to find any evidence indicating that “President Reagan” is a classification for an era ofarchitecture or design.

Article courtesy of the Orange County Association of Realtors.

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