The SoCal Car Culture, What To Drive?

The car culture of Southern California is one of my favorite aspects of living here.  It doesn’t matter any more what color you are or where you come from.  You can be a hotrodder, low-rider, exotic car guy or even an art car guy (or gal).

So what does a SoCal driver drive?  SoCal normally leads the way in new ideas and technology.  Even though the Silicon Valley is in the northern part of the state, the car companies are in SoCal.  Yeah, ok, they have NUMI (or is that gone too?) but we have cars.  Lots and Lots of Cars.  On any given Sunday somewhere in SoCal there is a car club sitting in front of a Ruby’s or Johnny Rockets.

I have been surprised that all of the Tesla’s and Leaf’s that I see driving around have been in NorCal.  What is happening in SoCal?  What I see down here is that cars are lasting longer.  I drive a 1966 Mercedes 230SL around town.  Everything is so close, I am not eating the miles and the car is a lot of fun.

At Crevier Classic Cars last week, Jim showed me a Jolly.  If you don’t know what a Jolly is, think of a VW thing that someone let the air out of.  A Jolly is about the size of a golf cart, and has wicker seats.  The EPA and NHTSA wouldn’t let that thing any where near a road if they had their way.  Never mind it only goes about 30mph.  A perfect town car.

1959 Jolly for Sale
You can't help but smile at a fiat Jolly

What do you drive?  Share your pics with us!

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