A Truly New Surfboard?

Bob The Greek, Carrying the New Super Secret Platypus
You want it? You gotta buy it!

Surf for Entertainment?

Like most people born and raised in SoCal, I grew up boogie boarding and surfing.  It isn’t often I see something so cool and different I can’t wait to try it.  Skim boarding lasted maybe a year, and until last week I thought that surfing and boogie boarding hadn’t changed at all.  I mean really, what can you do with a board, it is getting like razor blades.  How many fins do you really need??

Then I met “Bob”.

Bob is actually known by many in Huntington Beach as “Bob the Greek”.  A former team surfer and long time board shaper, Greek is still trying to build a better board.  You just can’t help but like a guy with that much love for a sport that as he says “has no money in it anymore.”  Sadly like many people who like to eat, Greek now has a day job.

While I was out and about house hunting, Bob stopped me at the back of his suburban and says, “Hey Scott, let me show you how I think.”  He starts telling me how surfboards work.  As he talked about how the pointy end of the board was dangerous, and how the front of the board was slowing down turns, all I heard was blah blah blah.  I suddenly realized how my wife feels when I talk about going faster in cars or airplanes.

Then he did it.  He put it all together when he pulled out the new board he had just shaped, the Platypus.  The last time I was excited about a surfboard I was in 8th grade and my dad brought home a new Triple Fin from Town and Country for me.  Back then, I was surfing a T&C board shaped by Glen Pang.  It was pretty basic, and I thought I had outgrown it.  Later I learned that I just wasn’t good enough for it, and the new triple fin board made it easier to surf.  Yeah, I stink, but I still have fun surfing.

When Greek pulled out the Platypus, all the blah blah blah suddenly made sense.  If he let’s me use the picture, take a look at it.  If you surf, you will understand why the Platypus is so cool.  There really is a way to drive a board like a skate on the water.  It is called “Platypus” by the Greek.  If there isn’t a picture, go see the Greek and see if he’ll let you sneek a peek.

Bob the Greek can be found at his Real Estate/Surf Shop on Main Street.  You can’t buy a house in Surf City unless you have a board.  With Greek, you get a one stop shop for both.

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