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The Perfect Champagne Glass

Is the Perfect Champagne glass a flute or a Coupé?

Glencairn Scotch Glass
The perfect Scotch Glass

Down the hall, the COOLTOYS® TV clowns were talking about how they drink Champagne and the right way to toast. Josh of course was simple and happy with the Red Solo Cup. Although he did recently buy proper Glencairn Scotch glass for tasting so maybe some of Scott’s snobbery is wearing off on Josh.

Admittedly I am a fan of this glass for tasting whiskey and scotch after watching the documentary, “A Golden Dream”. A dram and a drop of water can really be very different in these glasses. I do know that there is a champagne blender in France that uses these to mix champagne. I didn’t thin that was a good enough reason to try and drink champagne out of it or consider it as a contender for the perfect champagne glass.

The CoolToys crew always have an opinion about things. Sometimes they just make noise about nothing. This week we have all been listening to Josh’s Corona Rod since it came back from the shop along with their stupid discussion of drinking glasses. While the folklore of the shape of the French Coupe is quite intriguing, I am not sure that is enough to determine the best way to toast on New Years eve and Kick 2020’s ass goodbye. So I did a little test for myself. A serious test.

Right away I figured out that pouring Champagne into the coupe is way easier. The wider top lets the bubbles settle quicker. Less foam meant less Champagne overflowing the glass. The response from the flute fans was that this also means the flute keeps the bubbly, bubbly longer. Interesting point, but do we really want to sit and look at our champagne glass all day or do we want to drink the champagne.

Another person noted that the smaller opening on the flute “concentrated the aroma”. I think that is hooey, the bigger Coupé opening gave off a much stronger scent with the better Champagnes. My Mai Tai also smelled a bit sweeter too. Yes this was a serious test. Normally I do prefer my Mai Tai in a Tiki Mug the way Don The Beachcomber’s and Damions’ serve it. A nice Crystal hi ball the Trader Vic’s way is also a nice touch. I chose the Mai Tai for the test, well, because I like them.

Amazingly I am going to agree with the arrogant snob down the hall and say that the Coupé is the perfect Champagne or cocktail glass for anyone serious about drinking the right way. I hate it when he is right so don’t tell him.

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