The Best iPhone Case Ever?

One of the interesting things about owning a smart phone is how people choose to carry it. Since I spend a lot of time on the road, I am just slightly paranoid about keeping anything in my back pocket. That means as a guy I have to keep three things in my front two pockets, my iPhone, my wallet and my keys. Given that I was an early buyer of the iPhone 4, I am also a bit overprotective of it. When I walked out of the store the bill along with my iPhone was well over $600.

incipio iPhone 4 case
The Best Case Ever? Incipio

Initially I bought a leather case for my iPhone very much like I had for my Blackberry. Honestly I have never recovered from the Motorola Razor. That phone was durable and fit anywhere. Anyway I dropped my new iPhone twice and the leather case had to go. The smooth finish of the iPhone coupled with the humidity of Houston Texas rendered the leather case useless.

Just in time apple agreed to buy all iPhone 4 owners a new case. I chose a nice clear plastic that looked very thin. The case worked fine for a while but the first time I dropped the phone the corner cracked off. Back to the Apple store I went. I came out with a rubber cover that started to stick to my pockets after a few days. It worked great for sitting the phone on the dash and talking on speakerphone.

Eventually I got tired of pulling my pockets out every time I tried to answer a call. So once again off to the Apple Store I went. This time I was out more than $20 for a “bumper” style case that really looked cool. I thought I finally found the perfect case. It didn’t slide around in my car and it didn’t pull my pockets out. It had just one flaw. Somehow it changed the acoustics of the microphone so no one could understand me. If I took the case off my iPhone everyone could understand me just fine. Put it on and they would say “what” about three times and hang up.
Then I found it. After five days of continuous use in all phases, clothes and driving, I will attest to the best case ever. I picked up an incipio case at the Land Rover introduction party. The case fit perfectly. It is just slippery enough to fit in my pocket without pulling the pockets out when I reach for the phone and best of all, I have dropped it three times already and no visible damage to the phone or the case.

The particular case I am now using also came with a screen protector for the iPhone 4. This was a nice feature since the Zagg cover I bought the same day I originally bought the phone had peeled off months before, and no word from Zagg on my warranty request. Today my wife picked up an incipio case and so far she agrees with me that it is far better than the case she had before. If the rest of the line is as good as this case, these guys have some winners. If you have a smart phone and like to keep in nice, these cases are worth checking out.

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